Grandma's Cocktails

Grandma’s Mojito


The quickest mojito you will ever make, essential when you have a big thirst. Grandma’s Cupboard Lime and Mint Rum Liqueur is ready for mixing with either sparking water or lemonade served over crushed ice.

Grandma’s Apple Raspberry Pie


A lovely fruity number which enjoys both great popularity and a wide appeal. Grandma’s Cupboard Raspberry Vodka Liqueur comes together very nicely with fresh apple juice and Amaretto.

Grandma’s Daiquiri


A classic with a twist, combining Grandma’s Cupboard Banana rum liqueur, Grandma’s Cupboard Coconut Spiced Rum Liqueur, pineapple juice and lemonade.

Grandma’s Summer Crush


A great combination of Grandma’s Cupboard Red Berry Gin liqueur with vodka, clementine juice and grenadine, served with a shot of prosecco. It’s a bit like a Pornstar Martini, but with Grandma the passion has gone!

Grandma’s Gin Fizz


Grandma’s Cupboard Lemon and Lime Gin Liqueur mixed with soda and served over lots of ice. Now that’s refreshing!

Grandma’s Bellinis


Why not add a dash of Grandma’s Cupboard to your glass of prosecco? Raspberry? Strawberry? Rhubarb and Elderflower? Take your pick...

Grandma’s Black Star


Grandma is feeling very inspired by seasonal fruit this time of the year. The Lemon and Lime Gin Liqueur works wonderfully well with blackberry jam in a shaker and topped up with lemonade.

Grandma’s B52


Another classic revisited by Grandma. Two of the flavours of this great combination are already in Grandma’s Cupboard Number 03 (Coffee and Orange). All that’s left to do is to layer it in a shot glass with Baileys.

Grandma’s French Martini


Keeping the classics going, Grandma’s Cupboard Vodka and Raspberry Liqueur tastes fantastic in a shaker with pineapple juice.