Vodka Based Liqueurs


Vodka and Raspberry Liqueur

A big favourite! 

Following a traditional family recipe.

The raspberry taste is unmistakeable.

Enjoy as it is or with a dash of sparkling water or lemonade. 

Also makes a wonderful Bellini mixed with fizzy wine.

Alc 26%Vol


Vodka and Strawberry Liqueur

Following a traditional family recipe.

Again, the strawberry is very clear.

Enjoy as it is or with a dash of fizzy water or lemonade.

This also works mixed with fizzy wine.

Alc 26%Vol


Vodka, Orange and Coffee Liqueur

Following a traditional recipe, this intriguing blend is perfectly balanced to create a more earthy flavour. 

Enjoy as it is or with a dash of lemonade.

Alc 26%Vol


Vodka and Prune Liqueur

Following a traditional recipe, it has a very smooth finish and it is medicinal too !

Enjoy as it is, probably best at room temperature.   

Alc 27%Vol

Rum Based Liqueurs


Rum, Lime and Mint Liqueur 

Basic Mojito ingredients. Just add ice and fizzy water or lemonade to make your favourite cocktail in 5 seconds flat.

So refreshing!

Alc 29%Vol


Rum and Lime Liqueur 

Inspired from a traditional creole recipe known as Ti Punch. The lime zests add a slight bitter taste for a perfect balance.

Enjoy with ice or as a cheeky shot

Alc 30%Vol


Rum and Banana Liqueur 

It's bananaey alright, but not sickly. Enjoy as it is or with a dash. 

Alc 29%Vol


Rum and Tropical Fruit Liqueur 

(banana, pineapple, mango, 

coconut and bourbon vanilla).

Maybe it's me, but every sip brings a different fruit flavour...

Enjoy as it is or with a dash. 

Alc 30%Vol


Rum and Tropical Plant Liqueur 

Produced with carefully selected ingredients to create a very distinctive 

spiced rum (main perfumes of benzoin bark, cinnamon leaves and lemon grass, but also bourbon vanilla, rosemary, faham, lantana, mint and verbena), following a traditional creole recipe. 

Enjoy with ice. 

Alc 32%Vol


Rum, Pineapple and Coconut Liqueur

Produced using premium rum and ripe fresh pineapple for optimum flavour. We tweaked this recipe and added coconut to it. 

Enjoy as it is or with a dash. 

Alc 29% vol

Gin Based Liqueurs


Gin, Rhubarb and Elderflower Liqueur

Produced with premium dry gin and fresh rhubarb. We add a touch of elderflower to obtain a smooth finish.

Alc 26% Vol


Gin with Lemon and Lime Liqueur

Created with carefully selected gin and fresh, ripe lemons and limes to obtain a very refreshing taste.

Alc 26% Vol


Gin and Red Berry Liqueur

Enjoy the taste of summer all year round with this blend of gin, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants.

Alc 26% Vol

All our products are created using exclusively natural ingredients produced locally when possible. Despite a thorough filtering process, our liqueurs may present a slight cloudiness or sediment. This is perfectly natural and will not alter the great taste experience.

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