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Inspired by tradition

In rural Brittany where Seb grew up on a farm, his father, just like most farmers in those days, used to make his own cider. At the end of every year (September/October time) the cider that had not been drunk in the year was distilled into "eau de vie", an apple brandy better know here as Calvados. This was then used in two ways: some was put in a cask and aged, but the majority was used to preserve fruit. This is the concept known as "Fruits à l'eau de vie", a tradition that is found all over Europe, using different locally distilled brandies.


Adapted to modern society

The traditional home made "Fruits à l'eau de vie" were often made using a very strong (and sometimes very bad) brandy and the result was not always palatable. So a wonderful concept was unfortunately spoilt by the strength and quality of the ingredients used, and logically people turned away from those drinks. 

We've taken inspiration from the concept but worked on perfecting recipes that can be enjoyed again by all. The place where the magic was going to happen was this old cupboard passed on to us from Seb's gran, hence the company name, but some who know it well also refer to it as Narnia... Well it's found its way from Brittany to North Wales anyway.


Sharing the experience

Encouraged by friends and family, we decided after all this time to make the experience available to you. We've created a growing range of liqueurs to carry your parties along, to suit just about every taste.

Experience has taught us that particular fruits and flavours work better with particular alcohols, and the result is very different from the base alcohol, so don't be put out thinking that you don't like gin, vodka or rum: when you try these, you may find that you quite like them all after all. Which will be you favourite?

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